Raglace For Living Dolls

The Raglace Cattery prefix was registered in 1993 with Queensland first breeding stock. With a slow start it was not until 1998 we got our second generation of Raglace kittens born, and a Raglace Ragdoll won a best in show.

At last Ragdolls made their debut on the show bench.

So it is with great pride that we can say Welcome to Rag lace's Millennium Babies.

For those who want a cat with:

  A superb coat that feels like a Mohair rabbit
  The large size of the Main Coon
  The dramatic colour point
  Sapphire blue eyes
  The intelligence of the wonderful Siamese
  The loyal personality likened to a canine
  The ability to be an indoor cat

Then a Raglace Ragdoll kitten is for you

Our Ragdoll cat has it is all in purr-fect parcel.

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