Ragdoll breeders - Raglace Ragdolls
Ragdoll breeders - Raglace Ragdolls

Welcome to my world of Raglace Ragdolls

The Unique and Ultimate Cat of the Times

Since the arrival of the Ragdoll cat to Australian shores in 1989, it has won the hearts of many and is now a household name.

This gentle giant of the feline world is the unique and ultimate cat of our time and the purrfect cat for the millennium.

Petil lu, Apari - a Seal Bi colour and his mate Petil- lu Andri a Seal point from England to Dot Graeme and Ros in Tasmania.
Followed by Ragtime Jasper - a Blue point, his mate Rag rose Miss Milly, Blue point and Panda paws Fango a Seal point his mate Panda paws Fanta a Seal Bi colour.

This was the foundation of Australia's Ragdoll so we all started with the same stock.

Around 4 years later, there were more who imported from the United States and again England.

Ragdoll Kitten
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